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Friday 8 June 2012


DG(POSTS) No 1-6/2011                                      Dated 04th June 2012
            The Department intends to provide specially designed bicycles to the Postmen all over the country during 12th Five Year Plan to help delivery staff carrying the mail of various sizes of articles in their beats for delivery to the public.
            It is proposed to design and develop the box of fiberglass or any other light weight durable material for carrying the mail/articles to be attached with the postal bicycle.
            A committee has been constituted comprising of PMG, Agra Region, Agra as a Chairperson, Director Postal Service (Mails & Speed post), O/o CPMG, Delhi Circle, Director (MV), Mail Business Dn. Postal Directorate and two representative of recognized postmen service unions, Shri. I.S.Dabas, General Secretary, AIPE, Postman & Group 'D', NFPE and Shri T.N. Rahate, General Secretary, N.U.Federation of National Postal Organizations are nominated as members who will look into the design, development of the bag/box of fiberglass/PBC or any other light weight durable material for carrying the mail/articles to be provided  with the postman bicycles.  The bicycles design should also look like as the brand ambassador of Department of Posts.
            The committee will submit their report within 3 months.
This issues with approval of Secretary (P)