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Monday 20 January 2014


System Administrators Case: 

The demand for creation of a separate cadre for System

Administrators has been discussed several times with the Department. Last

discussion was held in the JCM, Departmental Council meeting and Cadre

Restructuring Committee Meeting. Department has made it clear that existing

System Administrators are not going to be benefited even if a separate

cadre is created and also pointed out certain other adverse aspects of the

The main points of the Department are (1) In the Recruitment

Rules for creating separate cadre Government (DOP&T) will fix higher

technical qualifications for the post.(2) Government (DOP&T) will not agree

for absorption of existing System Administrators and instead go for direct

recruitment as per the Recruitment Rules. (3) Even if a cadre is created

there is no much promotional scope in the same cadre as the promotional

posts will be very less. Just like Postmaster Cadre they will not get general

line promotion and also cannot appear for IP & PS Group B exams. In view of

 the above all Circle/ Divisional Secretaries are requested to inform

their views on the following points. (1) Whether we should still stick to our

demand for separate cadre (2) Instead whether we should demand special pay

or some other benefits for the existing System Administrators. The issue will

be again discussed on the next meeting of the Cadre Restructuring

Committee to be held on 04-02-2014.

Send your views by email to nfpehq@gmail.com before 02-02-2014. 


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